Movement & Text Scores

(dis)Connect (2019)


A participatory performance for an even amount of performers & bed sheets (1 per every 2 people) aided by a recorded, spoken text score. It is a commentary on the disconnection we feel through technologically mediated socialization.

Performed by Roberto Sifuentes' class, Crossing Borders, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago: December 2019.



Looking up, Looking through, Looking at (2019)


These scores were made in response to 3 different locations/exhibits in/at the Chicago Cultural Center in October 2019. They are to be accompanied by 3 corresponding Soundcloud scores accessed through a portable playback device and headphones of some kind. For at least 3 performers.


Bodysong (2019)

*note: an amplified microphone run through a delay effect is recommended for performance



Waking Dream (2017)