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The Near Misses




The Near Misses is an experimental pop opera in the form of an all-female band. The show contains an original song cycle, sound collages, choreography, and video projections centered around true near-death stories. These survival stories are curated to represent a range of scenarios and power dynamics from the personal to the global.

The performers evoke through music, movement, video projections, and sound recordings true accounts of peril and intersecting trauma. They embody the survivors’ own interpretations of what is beautiful and innately dysfunctional about humanity, and examine the role of personal and collective memory. As we’ve gathered these trauma stories, we see what they share in common are exquisite recollections of beauty, dark humor, and courage, as well as gaps in memory, lasting changes in perspective, and reconfigured identities.

The stories The Near Misses are telling have been gathered from woman-identified women, mostly from our community. Though the stories are personal and specific to their circumstances, we have chosen them because they are archetypal. We are devoted to amplifying voices and stories that are particular to women in some cases.

Personnel include Paige Naylor (co-Producer, composer & performer) Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell (co-Producer, director & lyricist), Kara McLane Burke (performer), Katie Baer Schetlick (performer), Catherine Monnes (performer) & Mona Kasra (video projection design).

For more info, please visit The Near Misses website.

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Photo by Elizabeth Swider

Photo by Elizabeth Swider

Photo by Elizabeth Swider

Photo by Elizabeth Swider

Photo by Billy Hunt

Photo by Corbett Simpson



Healing artistry: Electro-pop project The Near Misses finds beauty in pain


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